Hi! I’m Christy – lawyer, health coach, and online business owner.

After several years working as an associate with a great law firm, I become a bit burnt out of the black and white law firm model – billing more and more hours and running myself ragged. Needing some new inspiration, I took my passion for health and fitness and became a certified Health Coach on the side. While I loved many aspects of my legal job…

I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was meant for more, and that I could have the life I was dreaming of.

While building my health coaching business and attending other coaching events, I found myself getting a LOT of legal questions from other coaches. I was so happy to help them, and would provide as many answers and instructions as I could. After learning about the world of coaching, and seeing what these amazing men and women were capable of doing, I knew there was more to life than sitting in an office all day. I knew I could do more with my life and my legal knowledge – help more people, make a bigger difference, and love every second of it.

I found I was so passionate about helping other new coaches and entrepreneurs, and would be absolutely overjoyed when I could give others the comfort in knowing their business was protected.

THEN IT HIT ME. After talking with another incredibly successful business coach, she gently asked me if I had considered becoming an attorney dedicated to helping coaches and entrepreneurs. LIGHTBULB MOMENT. This is what I was meant to do. This is what makes me come alive.

I’ve been in your shoes, starting a coaching business from square ONE.

I get it! It can be so overwhelming, and the last thing you want to hear is that all your hard work is NOT legally protected. That’s why I’m here! Today, I am able to combine my passion for the law with my coaching and entrepreneurial knowledge to help you keep your business protected, while actually learning the basics of why you’re taking these legal steps.

My goal is to not only give you the information and legal protection you need, but help you gain a basic understanding of the information as well.

Together we can protect your business and help you reach new goals!